Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blank pages

are all that sit before me. I've got 60 pencil crayons, 16 pastels, 12 Staedtler sketching pencils, and 8 water color paints. And still: just a book of blank pages. After everything, I still feel like I can't put anything down on this page. Sometimes it's easier when you've just got one pencil: no choice in colors or style. Nothing to choose but what to put down on the blank page. But now, in addition to that ultimate question, I've got to choose what to use, what color, where do I start connecting drawing tool to paper...

The greatest artists were influenced by their times, either to depict what was happening or to depict their wildest dreams or their perception of what reality of the time was. I've got everything they've got, except that defining time, that influence. Sometimes freedom of choice is a curse.