Monday, October 29, 2007

The Past, Present, Future

Lately I've been feeling all of the above colliding into one. Packing old things, going through keepsakes from high school and university, seeing photos of some ex's, figuring out what I need to do now...planning how certain things should be executed on my behalf while I'm gone. Shit, it's a mess. And what's worse is that I'm stuck writing this on one of those ergonomic keyboards because I shipped my iMac today. The one with the normal rectangular keyboards. Rectangular... that looks like a funny word. Rect-angular. If someone designed that word to have the word angular following the letters r-e-c-t, then what is "rect-" supposed to mean? Or does the angular bit give it meaning? And are words "designed"? I guess not really since I'm sure lexicographers don't sit there with the alphabet and see what they can come up with like an artist with paints. I digress.

I've moved so much just within the last 7 years of my life but the moves that really have an impact on me are the ones where I have to pack my life. My lives. The past ones and future ones. Vacation-packing makes me think about my immediate needs and being able to fulfill them while still being minimalistic and non-sentimental. The trip I prepare to embark on in 2 days asked more of me. The past few days of packing involved packing my life in O town, picking out the essentials while keeping a few superfluous personal things on hand because I'll be very far away in both time and geographical space and to be that far with no sentimental knick-knacks to look at makes the idea of this trip seem quite empty.

Going back to the talk about seeing photos of ex's, it's been an interesting.. journey, I guess you could say. It's just weird looking at me alongside another guy. The smile isn't quite as bright. The guy I'm glad to say is a part of history. But when I think about it, my life wouldn't be where it is without those guys. Everyone you meet in life serves a purpose to your journey in life. Some are just there to point out a direction for you. And of course the others walk with you to hold a light for you. Taking a step back to look at the past, present, and future of your life always gives you an interesting view.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I've Learned...

One person can make a difference.

It can always be worse.

Laugh often & always smile.

Schools are a.k.a. 'institutions' for a reason.

Change is life.

Something that was inspired by one of the talks I saw on TED.

The picture below always makes me laugh. I had a stupid moment and my friend did me the honor of pictorially depicting that stupidity. Nothing to do with anything, but I guess it keeps in theme with my entry title because once upon a time I learned that ducks do not hatch from chicken eggs.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Autumn Leaves

Autumn always reminds me of change. And it reminds me to look for the beauty in the change. Although I flutter away and get buried under a blanket of snow, I'll nevertheless be back when the sun is warmer and the days are longer. So I look forward to the day I return, hopefully, a little more wiser.