Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unfathomable doesn't mean mysterious and incomprehensible. It means mysterious and incomprehensible.

Steal my heart and hold my tongue
I feel my time, my time has come
Let me in, unlock the door
I've never felt this way before

I remember when Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's rendition of "Over the Rainbow" came on, I felt an overwhelming flow of tears rush to my eyes, watering my cheeks, dampening his shirt as I held him and he held me. 8 months going on 9 and not a day passes that I don't think of him, that I don't feel that overwhelming feeling want to overcome me. It's not always tears. It usually comes in the form of a stupid smile. The type of smile I tend to get when something in the supermarket reminds me of the time we baked cookies together for the first time. In the past I always measured the worth of the relationship to how much the guy would do for me. Gifts & trips is what they reduced to. But there's no measure for this because it's like the last thing in those Mastercard commercials: priceless.