Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was quiet, understated, and sweet: more than I could ever ask for. When ~80% of your relationship has been long-distance, that 20% you get makes Chinese food in the core of downtown Calgary taste that much sweeter; it makes cramped hotel rooms feel that much cozier; it makes life feel that much fuller.

We dropped a considerable amount on transportation alone, so I wanted dinner to be economical but still good, so hence why we ended up in Chinatown for our anniversary dinner =) It just so happened the hotel was on the corner of the Chinatown block. We skipped out on the dozens of gourmet restaurants on 8th Ave. for some 乾惼四季豆,麻婆豆腐,& 牛肉大餅. Yummm... I.S. got a 榴蓮冰沙 and we went to Second Cup for a green tea chiller for me.

The weekend felt like it completely flew by and I imagine the next 4.5 days of work for me will also fly right by, considering how much work I now have to do given that my direct supervisor is away for 3 weeks and quitting after his return, so it's all on me and I'm so not prepared for this... I have a hard time falling asleep because of all the thoughts running through my head and I get waken up early by the same things that prevented me from falling asleep >.< And so the stress finally begins. But I'm excited to spearhead another major project ("another" being in addition to the one I had in the summer). I like knowing that I'm the lead on an important project and that no matter where I end up, I'll leave a little legacy behind for someone else to pick up =) Perhaps I'm getting a taste of power and I like it...!

But speaking of power... I'm running out of it.

Thanks, I.S. for flying out here. One week away for S.F.!