Sunday, March 02, 2008


I can't remember the last time I 'rawred'. I thought the final phone call with M. counts as the most recent occasion, but it's not the same, at least not in the way I felt today. I've never seen it, but knowing the premise and the posters of the movie, I felt like Rocky today. That infamous image of him finishing his jog to the top of the stairs was what came to mind when I hung up the phone tonight. I was shaking, but I boxed it out of me. And threw a few kicks.

Lessons learned:
1. You can never be too careful.
2. Everything happens for a reason.
3. Whatever doesn't kill will only make you stronger.

I trust that the accident happened because I needed something to help me grow in a different way that I've forgotten about/tried to avoid. So perhaps the wind did blow the door open: to reveal a side of me that I should carry around with me more often. You know, just in case.