Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Meaning of Life

It's a good question, especially after collecting yourself from being shaken up by a "minor incident". We are subjected to moments of trials and joys to culminate into what? I think people approach this question from the wrong angle though. Life doesn't "culminate" to anything, per se. Life is energy. To carry out life is to help perpetuate it. And why must this energy be perpetuated? To that, I say just because. Humans are constantly looking for an answer to everything and that's why we have Google and Wikipedia and the Discovery Channel and we refuse to accept that sometimes there's nothing to say in response to "why?" And that is where faith is based. Trusting without knowing. And that is where religions are based. Religions give people an answer to the "why", but yet there is nothing to answer the question of a religious idol. So there is no meaning to life. We just need to have faith in there being a purpose without knowing it. And in order to attain such faith is to work to bring yourself closer to something in life that gives you purpose and meaning. So you see: it's just a circle, which is life.