Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cost-benefit analysis.

I need one of those done on my life. Honestly, confusion befalls me. I'm reminded of that time I wanted to quit my coffee-shop job after a day, but I decided to stick it out because I hadn't given it a fair chance yet. So would me wanting to quit now mean that I'm giving up too easily? If I choose to persevere, would I just be left with another scar? I'm 24, just starting up my career, have this shiny new job, have a long-distance relationship with everyone I deeply care about, and may possibly be offered admission into grad schools. So what do I do? Persevere & build my career and seize this opportunity that I sit upon right now? Or do I finally choose something that makes me simply 'happy'? Would leaving now be 'too early'? What's a fair amount of time to give this thing a good chance? I feel like pursuing happiness is a selfish thing, yet I'm the one who's living for myself, so of course I need to be selfish, right? Or would it simply be a foolish thing to do? I don't know what's right anymore. 'Follow your heart'... 'do what makes you happy'... I don't feel like it's that simple, but maybe that's the problem.