Saturday, April 18, 2009


So pretty. I would love them even more if they were in gold instead of silver. I'm loving blue + gold & pink + gold right now.

New clothes!

So I went shopping & stopped by SmartSet because I can always trust that they have reasonably priced things (when compared to the likes of Jacob). Out of that trip, I found two pieces to add to my wardrobe.Top #1: Sheer with a tie at the back and ruffles. I think it's so cute and can be dressed up with a tank top underneath & capris or bikini top underneath with a jean skirt/shorts for the warmer days =)

Top #2: Racer back with ruffles around the collar. It's loose-fitting and drape-y around the waist. I love love love ruffles right now. And royal blue. I think this would look so sharp with white shorts, so that is on my shopping list for next time.

I'm also looking for something in a dusty pink to add to my wardrobe: almost like an off-white with a hint of pink type of color. That is my vision. I hate it when I get into this moods 'cause then I get frustrated with shopping for the next few months when I realize there's nothing out there that fits my vision. Or at least nothing in my price range that fits my vision. sigh. I should really take up sewing and start making my own things 'cause you know, it's so easy to just pick up sewing. hah.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Done & done.

It has been 3 days since I handed in my last school-related piece of writing and it's weird. The prospect of not being a student anymore is somewhat unsettling. I mean, after undergrad, I knew for sure that grad school would follow and that it did, but now, unless I decided to jump off the deep-end and do law school, I will not be a student again - at least not in the traditional sense of professors and lectures and grades and transcripts. I guess it's unsettling because there's now more uncertainty in my life than ever.


So what now?

My brain is out-to-lunch. My mind is all over the place as well as being no where right now. It's a strange emptiness.

In random news: I snipped off the top leaves of my basil plant today. I think I wasn't doing it right (i.e. nurturing it to be bushy) so now it's just tall and quite UN-bushy.
Yes, that is a chopstick supporting it =p It was the only thing tall and skinny enough to act as an appropriate support. But anyway, as I was taking that photo, I inspected my plant a little closer and found THIS!
yay!! It looks like it's going to start branching!! You (I'm guessing you are my only reader, R.Z.) would not believe how worried I've been for my little plant! I'm going to miss it =( I think I will leave it with J.L. 'cause she said that she takes care of all the plants in her house so I have faith she'll work her green-thumb magic and make it super bushy by the time I see it next. I feel like this is my baby and I'm giving it up for adoption when I leave. I will only retain visitation rights. haha. Melodramatic? Maybe, but I've never grown something from seed before and I feel like this little plant has beat the odds, like little Nemo, 'cause it grew all awkward in its original pot and now it's super healthy! Except those two leaves at the bottom (the first leaves that sprouted) are still super stubby. Totally like Nemo's roughed up fin, eh?

OK, enough about my baby basil. *tear *

Monday, April 06, 2009

Love, love, love...

Is doing what you love the same as loving what you do?

I <3 architecture

So this morning I did my usual sweep of my spam mailings. I have filters to categorize spam that I've signed up for because sometimes I like to indulge my fantasies in buying new things. Anyway: when I checked out my mailing, I saw a picture of this:
I've been hearing about prefab homes for a few years now so this caught my attention pretty quickly. From what I've been learning about prefab homes, they are more efficient and environmentally friendly (minus the whole shipping-the-parts-out-to-your-land thing). I think what I love most about Michelle Kaufmann Designs is the indoor-outdoor living spaces that just flow into each other. I think mkDesigns accurately captures the vision of my dream home. Green homes, however, I feel like I've known about since I was a kid: my dad brought me to his work one day when they had a model of a house that had rain water catchment and a green roof etc. I think that's the moment I fell in love with the idea of environmental-conscientiousness and architecture.

Looking at the pictures and reading about their design philosophy really makes me regret not having done something with my love of architecture. I love what I do now, but it's just not quite the same...

(Images are linked to their sources.)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

New to the music library.

The latest addition to my library. It makes me think of spring, which is slowly coming out of its shell now (though it's back to freezing temperatures + snow on Monday).