Monday, April 06, 2009

I <3 architecture

So this morning I did my usual sweep of my spam mailings. I have filters to categorize spam that I've signed up for because sometimes I like to indulge my fantasies in buying new things. Anyway: when I checked out my mailing, I saw a picture of this:
I've been hearing about prefab homes for a few years now so this caught my attention pretty quickly. From what I've been learning about prefab homes, they are more efficient and environmentally friendly (minus the whole shipping-the-parts-out-to-your-land thing). I think what I love most about Michelle Kaufmann Designs is the indoor-outdoor living spaces that just flow into each other. I think mkDesigns accurately captures the vision of my dream home. Green homes, however, I feel like I've known about since I was a kid: my dad brought me to his work one day when they had a model of a house that had rain water catchment and a green roof etc. I think that's the moment I fell in love with the idea of environmental-conscientiousness and architecture.

Looking at the pictures and reading about their design philosophy really makes me regret not having done something with my love of architecture. I love what I do now, but it's just not quite the same...

(Images are linked to their sources.)