Saturday, April 18, 2009

New clothes!

So I went shopping & stopped by SmartSet because I can always trust that they have reasonably priced things (when compared to the likes of Jacob). Out of that trip, I found two pieces to add to my wardrobe.Top #1: Sheer with a tie at the back and ruffles. I think it's so cute and can be dressed up with a tank top underneath & capris or bikini top underneath with a jean skirt/shorts for the warmer days =)

Top #2: Racer back with ruffles around the collar. It's loose-fitting and drape-y around the waist. I love love love ruffles right now. And royal blue. I think this would look so sharp with white shorts, so that is on my shopping list for next time.

I'm also looking for something in a dusty pink to add to my wardrobe: almost like an off-white with a hint of pink type of color. That is my vision. I hate it when I get into this moods 'cause then I get frustrated with shopping for the next few months when I realize there's nothing out there that fits my vision. Or at least nothing in my price range that fits my vision. sigh. I should really take up sewing and start making my own things 'cause you know, it's so easy to just pick up sewing. hah.