Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I could work 40+ hrs/week for $X or potentially 14 hrs/week for about the same $X... I think I know what to do now.

Next step: printing business cards!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Climbing & lemon loaf

Today I did my first 10c! In 2 months, I've moved from 5.6/5.7 to 5.10a, 10b, and now 10c. My belay partner and teacher has been I.S. of course, to whom I owe much of my progress. In these 2 months, I've seen incredible growth not only in myself, but also my relationship with I.S. For me, it's taught me how to push myself, take risks, and to trust myself (and my feet!). There have been so many routes where I talked myself out of finishing but I.S. was right there, not letting me down until I reached the top, which has left me pretty impressed with myself. But equally important is the effect its had on our relationship. I've learned about this whole other level of communication, patience, respect, and trust between one another and it's given me all these warm & fuzzy feelings inside. <3

On the note of 'taking risks': I attempted to make a lemon loaf today! Well, I didn't just attempt, I actually did it (with I.S. standing in for the electric mixer that we don't have =p)! The house is filled with lemon-y goodness and I can't wait to eat it! It reminds me of the cake that my mom used to make from the store-bought cake mixes. The inspiration for my first attempt at baking from scratch (1st time in the last 18 years, that is) was Starbucks' lemon loaf. 
mmm... I can't wait for my lemon-y goodness to cool so I can glaze & set & slice! It is going to be divine. I will post pictures when I finish mine!