Friday, August 28, 2009


So I realize I never did follow up with the resulting lemon loaf I made, BUT, I have something better to update on: new shoes! I got these because 1) I was really craving something new & 2) I 'needed' black heels for work (even though I'll be out of work by the end of next week). I browsed on and found these cute/sexy heels.
I was hesitant to get them in 7.5 since I usually go for an 8 as I straddle between 7.5 & 8 but only the 7.5 was on sale so I took a chance & got them since it's all free shipping/free returns. Best mouse clicks I ever made! They are SO comfortable (well, upon first wearing) and I can totally tell that these will be comfortable to be walking in all day 'cause they feel cushion-y. I do have one minor complaint... I can feel the peep toe part will cut into my big toe if I walk around in them for a long time. Hopefully that edge wears in and doesn't hurt later on =/ These are just such a staple shoe for the office in the summer and the heel is the perfect little height =)