Thursday, January 28, 2010


So the coat... ahhh, the coat. It is such a smart looking coat. Perfect for California winters. The quality of the fabric isn't cashmere or virgin wool like the $300+tax Aritzia coat I wanted but it feels nice enough and might I remind you it was only $65! There are pockets but they seem to not have made it in this shot.
From Coat

And I just love love love the buttons. I don't understand why so many coats like this have such plain buttons. Lovely buttons like these give a coat a much richer feel.
From Coat
Sometimes I feel like I should go into the coat-making business... there are too many plain-looking coats that do not deserve to be so expensive.

This coat came in black, navy blue, and grey. I was going to go with classic black but I think the grey was a better choice because it's not very common. But at $65, I could get one in every color and still have saved money over buying the Aritzia coat! I am almost tempted to go back...