Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wu fen pu

Dinner didn't agree with my stomach tonight so I will update while my stomach settles before I get to bed =p

 Thursday was busy. Cousin N.'s friend, K. was in town for a very brief visit and since N. had to work, she left K. with me for the afternoon. K. was super sweet and fun to hang out with. I met up with N. & K. on N.'s coffee break down at 101 and then K. & I were off to 五分埔 (wu fen pu) for an afternoon of shopping.  五分埔 is a shopping district with intertwined alleys lined with clothing stores. It can get confusing in there with many of the shops looking so similar, so the key to navigating it is to follow the pseudo-grid pattern that exists. Most basic clothes are less than $10. My jacket was $65 and that's one of the more expensive things you find here so you can imagine the good deals you can get! Anyhow, so the only thing that really stood out to me was this one coat at one of the shops we first passed by. After asking the price, we thought maybe we can find it cheaper somewhere else since a lot of the shops carry the same/similar things. But after weaving through what seemed like every alley we came across, that one coat was the only thing that peaked my interest so that is the only thing I bought after walking around for over 3 hours. I will save the coat for a later post because it's so epic (for the price) that it deserves it's own post. Plus I'm too lazy to photograph the coat right now so no point in talking about it without a photo for reference.

After shopping, K. & I went back to the 101 area to meet up with N. for dinner. N. ended up inviting her friend D. as well. N., K., & D. are former co-workers so it was a mini-reunion for them =) (N.'s other former co-worker T. joined us after dinner.)

From Taiwan - Day 10

For dessert, N. ordered this fried steamed bun (it's first steamed & then fried to get the crispy shell) that you dip in sweetened condensed milk. It was so delicious that I didn't remember to take a photo until the plate was half eaten =p

From Taiwan - Day 10

Oh, and fyi: we ate at a reggae/blues "bar". They served traditional Taiwanese foods as well as American foods. And there was a white guy with dreads at the bar. He must've been hired to complete the reggae vibe =p

From Taiwan - Day 10