Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One thing that I love about Taiwan that I haven't mentioned yet is the stationery. I would say Japan too since a lot of the stationery in Taiwan is from Japan, but I've never been. Anyhow, point of this post is that I am so pumped to stock up on Japanese washi tape! US importers mark up the price so much. It's only $1-2 for a 2-pack here vs. ~$8 for a 2-pack from US sellers. I know, I know, they have to count in shipping costs etc, but still. Luckily for me, shipping doesn't cost anything because it's going in my checked luggage ;) muahaha. I am trying to figure out uses for it, though. I know I want to incorporate it into our wedding stationery, but I don't know for what soooo I need to figure that out before justifying filling my suitcase with it =p

(photos from http://www.cutetape.com/)
Other online sellers I've found include thetintedminthappytapeUGUiSU, PrettyTape, & washimatta.