Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taiwan - Day 2

Yesterday was tiring, but definitely a lot better than flying out from EST. Saved me probably an extra 8 hrs of flying/layover time by flying from SFO. I felt like I ate a lot yesterday 'cause I packed 3 steamed buns + leftovers of this tofu thing I made + an orange + an apple and I also ate both meals served on the Tokyo flight. They served a meal on the flight from NRT to TPE but I just had the bread 'cause it seemed like I ate enough food already within ~15 hrs.

During the Tokyo flight, they handed out ice cream sandwiches as a snack, which was a nice surprise =)

I'm pretty sure most of my entries will be about food 'cause it's pretty epic here. Will post pics from today later.

First off I want to say hiiiiiiii to my new readers (aka J. & M. =D ) Welcome to my blog =)

We just back from dinner, but first: breakfast!

This is the first thing I eat when I get into town. Rice noodles + meat sauce + bean sprouts + green onions: my favorite food in the market =) The market is about half a block away from the apartment and its filled with fresh produce/meats/baked goods.

So for dinner, we went out with my grandma's cousin-in-law + her son-in-law (lots of distant relatives here) to this Shanghai-style restaurant. It was OK. I couldn't really enjoy the food 'cause I didn't have much of an appetite & my stomach was feeling weird & hollow =( But I got over it after we left the restaurant. We took the bus+subway there & back. I miss good public transit.
I love the buses here 'cause even though they don't always have dedicated lanes, the drivers are crazy-fast and you have to wave the buses down to get the driver to stop to pick you up or else they just wizz right by, which helps speed things along, though sometimes it stresses me out.

I've figured out where the nearest MOS burger is from our bus ride home so I am set to get back into my MOS burger addiction =p

The spicy cheeseburger. Amazing. It's basically a regular cheeseburger but with this special spicy meat sauce. The gym is the next thing I need to find here =p

Anyways, I digress. We spent the afternoon helping my grandma's cousin-in-law pack for her move to the nursing home.
From Taiwan - Day 2

She's only going for a trial month-long period. It was the first time I've ever met her. She's pretty funny. She's paranoid her son-in-law will throw out stuff she leaves behind so she tried packing everything =p She's got SOOO many pairs of shoes (that are all the same, just different colors) and socks & underwear all unopened. oi. She also had over 20 packets of cinnamon tic tacs from 4 years ago and some weird things like these fabric book covers she got from the Disneyland gift shop. So random. Anyhow, it was cool hanging out with a relative whom I met for the first time.

Nothing planned for tomorrow yet... probably going to visit my other aunt & uncle & my cousin.

Oh, for those of you wondering: I've only had one cup of bubble tea here so far and it was sadly disappointing =( It didn't have much flavor. But it's OK: It was cheap & I know of where else to go to redeem my bubble tea experience =p Got a milk tea drink at the bakery earlier in the day, which was yummy though =)