Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taiwan - Day 3

My first night of good sleep =D Yesterday I woke up to my uncle yelling, "get up! get up! Time for breakfast!" even though he had already eaten... oi. Oh, & welcome, A., to my blog =) It's very exciting knowing that people are reading my blog now =p So while the food & shopping & metro here are awesome, there's just one little thing my body rejects: the air. My skin & eyes are itchy all the time =(

One another annoying thing here is that when I do a google search in the Chrome browser address bar, my results are in Chinese because google thinks that if I'm in Taiwan, I must be able to understand. I keep having to search by actually going to google, which defeats all the conveniences of having the Chrome browser in the first place -_-

Anyhow, time for lunch... be back later!


We taxied over to the 101 area for lunch at this restaurant near the "military families park". They had a little museum showing the living conditions of residences built for military families back in the day.

From Taiwan - Day 3

The food was good, though I was expecting more 'cause my uncle kept raving about this place.

From Taiwan - Day 3

Finally got to skype with the 老公 =) He's off to Kirkwood for a long weekend of boarding. So jealous. I really hope I don't lose all that I've learned with this month of being away! I re-uploaded the videos from the Kirkwood 2 picasa album since picasa really sucks for videos. I don't understand why google hasn't integrated youtube into picasa yet... they should really get on it.

The other video is still uploading as I type. I don't think the internet here is very good 'cause everything is going super slow. boo. Until next time! Probably shopping tomorrow =D