Monday, February 08, 2010

The day

Nothing notable today, other than the fact that I slept like crap last night. I got the new Badly Drawn Boy album "Is There Nothing We Could Do?" and it's just what I needed... something to unwind to =)

Completely off-topic, but this week is house-cleaning week! Apparently it's tradition to clean the house in preparation for CNY, much like spring cleaning in North America. I used an exclamation mark because I'm actually excited. I know what you're thinking "Oh Ling, you're so silly with your love of cleanliness" except this is not me getting excited simply because I enjoy a clean house, but because this place is actually dirty. Like I said before, Taipei's air is the one thing I hate about being here. It brings out my allergies & it makes everything filthy because the windows are always open and all the sut from the exhaust of passing vehicles drifts in. Plus the floors here are this shiny white stone tile that reveals every little bit of dirt and crumbs and hair and it just creeps me out when the floor is speckled with black stuff from whoknowswhat.

Anyhow, so it just occured to me how little time I actually have left here. I'm already into the 3rd-last week and then next week we're going down to 高雄 (gao xiong) for a week and then just one more week in Taipei after that and it's home time! Still so much shopping to do so I think I'm going to get cracking on that starting tomorrow.

For those who skim through my entries and look forward to the photos, here's a nice shot of Taipei 101, found on None from me today, sorry!