Friday, February 26, 2010


So the da Vinci exhibit turned out to be a disappointment, which I had a strong sense it would be. sigh. But it was nice to get some alone time today. T-2 days!
I forgot to mention that I also got to see the lanterns they set up at CKS for the lantern festival. I'll be leaving right after the festival.

From Taiwan - Randoms

From Taiwan - Randoms

Apparently sending off sky/flying lanterns is a big tradition here, except according to the news, it has nearly lit an MRT station on fire/scorched a police officer/caused airport delays (this is what the TV news told me. Couldn't find any web articles on it.) It's a very pretty sight, but disturbing when you think about all the things that could go wrong with so many flying up at the same time.
Anyway... before I left for CKS, I took everyone out for dim sum. We were trying to take a photo of my aunt & uncle but this is what my uncle gave us. Favoritest picture ever.

From Taiwan - Randoms