Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not sure why they named a home store in Taiwan a Spanish word, but anyway...

Today was a lot of standing, waiting, bus-riding, & walking. oi. The 204 bus does not come very often, which is annoying since it gets us to most of the places we want to go. I can't wait until the subway extension is complete. There's going to be a subway stop a couple blocks away from the apartment, which will make life a lot easier here. I digress... so I was a bit wrong about HOLA. It's like a hybrid of Wal-Mart & Bed, Bath, & Beyond 'cause they sell a lot of home furnishing things but they also have some groceries/snacks/cleaning products/hair stuff etc too, which is where the story of my bobby pin search comes in.

For the longest time I've been looking for curved bobby pins that don't have ridges. I haven't seen them since I bought a pack years ago at Claires. Anyhow, I finally found something that comes close to mine.

From Taiwan - Day 24

Top: new bobby pin
Bottom: old bobby pin
I would argue that my old ones are still a better design and nicer to use simply because of the rounded tips, unlike the new one that has fairly sharp ends, but I don't think I'll ever find my old ones in stores again so less-awesome bobby pins it is. I hate how easily they get lost. What the heck. I mean, I started out with a pack of about 60 originally and now I only have 10. Sigh. So ANYway... we went to Yong Kang Street for dinner/dessert. We got red bean on shaved ice for dessert. It's so hard to find shaved ice in our neighborhood 'cause it's a more traditional Taiwanese area and they don't serve cold stuff in the "winter" but the Yong Kang area is more westernized so they have shaved ice places open year-round here. Ahhh, how good it was to taste that slushy red bean-goodness.

From Taiwan - Day 24

Jealous? I would be too if I were you ;) Oh, and that's my 25NT bubble tea beside that red bean shaved ice, hehe.