Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Market

Yesterday morning we went to the market (5 minute walk). We're pretty lucky to live near this market 'cause most people in Taipei still have to go to regular grocery stores for their shopping. This market is like an Asian-ized version of a farmer's market.

From Taiwan - Day 20

You can buy any veggie & fruit (that is in season), pork, chicken, seafood (for some reason there isn't a beef vendor here, but there's anOther market close by where you can get beef), baked goods, bulk snacks, hair brushes, socks, clothes, bras, underwear... the range is huge. I would say the majority is still produce & street food. The produce/meat/baked good vendors are usually gone by the afternoon. Sometimes you can get a good deal from some fruit vendors who hang around in the afternoon to get rid of their stock. To give you an idea of how densely packed this area is: the road has street vendors lining it along with regular stores lining the inside along the sidewalks.