Thursday, February 18, 2010


There really isn't much to say about my time in KaoHsiung. It was a whole lot of being dragged around visiting friends of my aunt's that I would've been fine not meeting and having awkward dinners with said friends that I would've been fine not being present for. Anyway, the only thing that I got excited over was meeting my namesake.

From Taiwan - Kaohsiung/Tainan

Er, more like a likeness of my namesake since it is a mythical creature that has changed in appearance throughout history. The part of my name that I share with the Qi Lin (pronounced "chee ling") is the "lin" part. In Japanese it is called "kirin". Read more about it here.

From Taiwan - Kaohsiung/Tainan

I've never actually seen what a qi lin looks like until now. I don't know why I've never looked it up. I guess I was satisfied with my dad's description from 15 years ago, saying that it's a mix between a tiger and a dragon. It's appearance has been up for debate for centuries, but it is commonly said to have the head of a dragon, antlers of a deer, skin & scales of a fish, hooves of an ox, and tail of a lion. So basically a creature of awesomeness.