Friday, February 05, 2010


I titled this post the name of one of the dishes from lunch today because it was that epic. Maybe it's 'cause I only got 4 slices so I had to savor every little bit or maybe it's 'cause I haven't had good sashimi in a while, but damnnnn... that was good sashimi. There was tuna, salmon, & yellowtail. I think I'm right about the fish...?

From Taiwan - Day 19

Anyway, we went down to 彰化 (pronounced zhung hwa) today to visit an old business friend of my aunt's. Let's call him John for simplicity's sake. We took the high speed rail (aka HSR, as they call it here) from Taipei to 台中 (pronounced tai zhong), which is about a 200km trip, and we made it there in 45 minutes. I'm sure people who've been on these types of trains know how amazingly fast they are, but for those who haven't ridden a high speed train: they are amazingly fast. As a reference, it'd be like going from Ottawa to Montreal in an hour. Or Ottawa to Toronto in 2 hrs. Amazing.

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The next best thing to the highly expansive public transit system here is the extremely cheap cost of the trips via public transit here. A one-way ticket cost around $20 for myself. Would've been cheaper had we not been traveling on a Friday too. Where in Canada/the US can you find such a cheap cheap way to travel?? Besides carpooling with someone & splitting the gas money.

From Taiwan - Day 19

Anyway, so John picked us up at the 台中 train station and drove us to 彰化 for lunch at his uncle's Japanese restaurant. 彰化 is about a 20 minute drive south of 台中. I have no idea what his uncle's restaurant is called, but if anyone plans to go to 彰化 in the future, I will find out the name for you so that you can experience the awesomeness yourself.

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