Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We went to see Metric on Wednesday up in Oakland. Out of 18 attempts with my camera on low-battery, I managed to get 7 decent photos. These are my 2 favorites. Metric was great live.

Nico Vega was the first of two opening acts that night and definitely worth checking out as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010


~10 km hike
~16 km bike ride
~1 hr spent at the gym working on 5.10b's, c's & d.

I'm glad we got to spend most of the weekend outside with all the gorgeous weather. I think my proudest accomplishment was the 5.10d climb because it means that my climbing is back to where it was, before I left for Taiwan! I guess this means lead class is coming up... The bike ride wasn't that brutal, but given that I hiked the day before, I think 16km was more than enough of a ride for me. The hike was just silly 'cause 70% of it was uphill. By the end, the uphill was getting annoying so I sprinted parts of the end 'cause I just wanted to get out of there! Of course the car was parked UPhill from the end of the trail -_-

In light of the butt-kicking the weekend served up (for me at least), 老公 and I want to set fitness goals for ourselves this summer. I haven't decided what that will be for me yet, but I imagine it'll involve taking the lead test sometime this summer, biking more, hiking more, and improving on my swimming skills. Ambitious? Yes. Do-able? That too, I hope! I'll keep tabs on what physical activities I do to see how I progress (or digress) over the summer =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is not the type of post you might think it will be about. I'm talking about the babies that California weather turns people into! I've lived in the worst of weather conditions in Fort McMurray and the stuff I used to complain about there were things like the random blizzard that snowed me in in April and waiting for the bus in -30 weather (-40-50 with wind) and having to wear long-johns + pants + snowpants and buying electric socks. And then I move to Northern California where the coldest it's ever been has only led to me pulling out my down vest and yet the slightest cloudy sky will kill my mood to want to go outside. Seriously lame. The thought of possibly moving away from this gorgeous California weather scared me at first, but then I thought about it some more and came to the conclusion that ANYthing south of Ft. Mac is going to be good weather =p

(OK, obviously not "anything", but you get my point. And no, I'm not moving, it was a hypothetical thought.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Underground restaurants

I love this idea... underground, under-the-radar restaurants. OK, so they're unlicensed too but read the article before you judge! I think what I really enjoy about this is that it brings people in the community together. The sense of community that I felt while shopping through the neighborhood market in Taipei was moving and made me really happy to know that the market was filled with so many symbiotic relationships. Reading about these "restaurants" really resonated with those feelings.
Picture by Veronika Lukasova found here at the Washington Post. Story found through here.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


After searching for an intense month (give or take a couple weeks) and trying out lots of expensive things that just didn't feel right, I am now the proud owner of this snowboarding jacket and it only cost I.S. $30. I probably love the price more than the jacket itself, but I think it's acceptable because IT WAS ONLY $30!

It's got a good number of pockets, wrist gaiters (which should be the norm on winter sports jackets, but isn't for some stupid reason), powder skirt that isn't upside down (whoever thought that was a good idea should be shot), a good amount of insulation, and pit zips for when the insulation is too much. Yay! For now, this jacket will do me good. But some day... some day I hope to upgrade to this:

Thanks 老公! Oh, and btw, I am loving the keyboard shortcut to switch between En/Ch. Why didn't I ever think of this sooner...

Saturday, March 06, 2010


So if you haven't already guessed based on the lack of posts, I have returned from my Taiwan-escapades. The flight was uncomfortable & long & sleepless, but perhaps that balanced out the good karma I had going through customs smoothly & swiftly. I'm over the jet-lag, for the most part. I wake up & fall asleep at normal times, but I do still need an afternoon nap to slowly make up the 16 hr difference. It's good to be back, but there will always be a piece of me left behind in Taipei because it is another home to me.