Monday, March 22, 2010


~10 km hike
~16 km bike ride
~1 hr spent at the gym working on 5.10b's, c's & d.

I'm glad we got to spend most of the weekend outside with all the gorgeous weather. I think my proudest accomplishment was the 5.10d climb because it means that my climbing is back to where it was, before I left for Taiwan! I guess this means lead class is coming up... The bike ride wasn't that brutal, but given that I hiked the day before, I think 16km was more than enough of a ride for me. The hike was just silly 'cause 70% of it was uphill. By the end, the uphill was getting annoying so I sprinted parts of the end 'cause I just wanted to get out of there! Of course the car was parked UPhill from the end of the trail -_-

In light of the butt-kicking the weekend served up (for me at least), 老公 and I want to set fitness goals for ourselves this summer. I haven't decided what that will be for me yet, but I imagine it'll involve taking the lead test sometime this summer, biking more, hiking more, and improving on my swimming skills. Ambitious? Yes. Do-able? That too, I hope! I'll keep tabs on what physical activities I do to see how I progress (or digress) over the summer =)