Friday, April 30, 2010


We are soon about to explore this possibility, though right now I feel like we're already 90% there (mentally), just another 10% (physically) to go! I'm not sure what I think about it. I mean, on paper, everything seems like it's the smart thing for us to do. And I mean, change & moving has been a big part of my life so it kind of feels natural to be considering this option. Looking back, I'm not sure I ever felt like moving here (to CA) would become something permanent. Maybe it's just 'cause CA always feels like a vacation to me =p

Anyway, we're flying out next week and staying for a week to give CO a test drive. I think I'm more nervous about it not working out than I am about the prospect of relocating and starting over from scratch. The possible move has stirred up the kind of feelings I had when we moved from Ottawa to LA 10 years ago.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Portola Redwoods Hike

On Saturday the 老公 and I drove up to Portola Redwoods State park for a hike. We started around 12:30pm and got back to the car around 5pm. There were only 4 other cars in the parking lot when we got there so it was a very quiet day with just the two of us.

We came across a lot of these banana slugs. Not sure what these two were doing, but we suspect it was a baby and its mom.

At one point we came across this really old car that clearly has been abandoned for decades now. Parts of it had rusted right through. I was really impressed at the the condition of the window frames & front grill though. I would love to know what the story behind this old car is. Did someone die in this car? How did they end up here? Were they alone? The seat was really close to the steering wheel, so my guess is that the driver was short, though I.S. thinks it could've been the crash that squished everything closer.

Fitness summary (4/9 - 4/18)

Friday (4/9): Elliptical for 35 minutes and then 30 minutes of stretching & push ups & leg lifts. I should really say that I attempted push-ups 'cause my wrist and axilla muscle were really bothering me. I sort of pulled my axilla when I fell on a 10c while still hanging on to a hold earlier in the week.

Saturday (4/10) & Monday (4/12): Climbed on Saturday & Monday. The usual 5.10b's & c's. I've decided to work on my strength so I've been doing more 10b's on the wall that's mostly for lead. It's definitely challenged me to get over my fear of dangling from the wall. Maybe one of these days I'll fall from lack of energy and get over my fear of falling! I think I should sign up for the lead class after a few more days working on the lead wall.

Sunday (4/11): Elliptical for 35 minutes & then 30 minutes of stretching & push ups & leg lifts. I played around with the balance board for a while too.

Monday, April 05, 2010


This weekend was incredible. Went with R. & her friends up to Tahoe. R. & I went to Alpine on Friday and met up with the rest of them for two days at Northstar. Lots of improvement on the confidence front, which translated into long runs without falling! Yay! That's not to say there wasn't any falling. It was the darn steep sides that I tried to carve down, but I just couldn't turn for the life of me besides a handful of times. Oh well. That just means we need to squeeze in at least one more weekend before ending the season =D
Bad news though: I cracked my goggles on the FIRST day of the trip and bruised my face from the face-plant I did. The only silver lining in that cloud is that the crack is in the middle and didn't crack all the way through so it's not letting in any air at least (oh yeah, and I guess it's nice that I didn't break my neck or something). My legs are also pretty dead. Every muscle surrounding my knees are dead.