Monday, April 05, 2010


This weekend was incredible. Went with R. & her friends up to Tahoe. R. & I went to Alpine on Friday and met up with the rest of them for two days at Northstar. Lots of improvement on the confidence front, which translated into long runs without falling! Yay! That's not to say there wasn't any falling. It was the darn steep sides that I tried to carve down, but I just couldn't turn for the life of me besides a handful of times. Oh well. That just means we need to squeeze in at least one more weekend before ending the season =D
Bad news though: I cracked my goggles on the FIRST day of the trip and bruised my face from the face-plant I did. The only silver lining in that cloud is that the crack is in the middle and didn't crack all the way through so it's not letting in any air at least (oh yeah, and I guess it's nice that I didn't break my neck or something). My legs are also pretty dead. Every muscle surrounding my knees are dead.