Monday, April 19, 2010

Portola Redwoods Hike

On Saturday the 老公 and I drove up to Portola Redwoods State park for a hike. We started around 12:30pm and got back to the car around 5pm. There were only 4 other cars in the parking lot when we got there so it was a very quiet day with just the two of us.

We came across a lot of these banana slugs. Not sure what these two were doing, but we suspect it was a baby and its mom.

At one point we came across this really old car that clearly has been abandoned for decades now. Parts of it had rusted right through. I was really impressed at the the condition of the window frames & front grill though. I would love to know what the story behind this old car is. Did someone die in this car? How did they end up here? Were they alone? The seat was really close to the steering wheel, so my guess is that the driver was short, though I.S. thinks it could've been the crash that squished everything closer.

Me jumping into a field of flowers.