Thursday, May 27, 2010


I recently revamped my resume because
1) I came to the realization that a functional/skills-based resume would fit me better
2) I wanted to condense my 2-pages to 1 and
3) while Helvetica Neue Light is the most awesome font in the world, it's not the most widely used so I wanted to pick up fonts that are more universal.

Here are the changes that were made (stylistically):

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CO - 2

So we've been back from CO for  ~2 weeks now. At first, the experience weighed heavily on my mind, but recently I've been trying to focus my energy on myself and my life and my direction. I think for the sake of maintaining my focus, I should refrain from reflecting upon our time in CO 'cause it'll just rope me back into a world of confusion. In the mean time, here are 3 photos from our trip. There is a ton more but these stood out to me the most 'cause a) I am in love with photos of the sky right now. b) this is proof that I'm bad-ass at bouldering outdoors (not really) c) I.S. looks really bad-ass here with his crazy dyno move (he's jumping there).


In other news, the weather here sucks. What the heck. This is CALIFORNIA. WHAT HAPPENED?? Ugh. Everywhere else has been getting nicer weather than here. It's dumb. Stupid NorCal.