Thursday, May 27, 2010


I recently revamped my resume because
1) I came to the realization that a functional/skills-based resume would fit me better
2) I wanted to condense my 2-pages to 1 and
3) while Helvetica Neue Light is the most awesome font in the world, it's not the most widely used so I wanted to pick up fonts that are more universal.

Here are the changes that were made (stylistically):

a) Font before: Helvetica Neue Light (size 12)
Font after: Titles are in Palatino (size 12) & body text is in Trebuchet MS (size 10)


  • <--- Bullets before

Bullets after ---> +

c) Titles Before
Titles After

d) Dates before: in single line following text.
Dates after: text transferred to tables & dates justified to the right.

I think the new resume looks sharp and flows a lot better. Here's a peek at the header:



*Note: After H.P & L.W. looked over my resume today, it added on another 3 hrs of editing time to the resume that I thought I was done with >.< Oi. Oh, how I hate resumes. But I think the extra 3 hrs has made it 50% more effective, so I guess it was worth it?