Friday, June 25, 2010

Pescadero Creek County Park

We went on our second backpacking trip last weekend. As usual, we fell behind schedule because we did not foresee food prep/packing to take so long, but nevertheless: we made it to the park in time to hike in before sunset.

This time we decided to hit up Pescadero Creek County Park.
The original plan was to hike the Sam McDonald County Park to Shaw Flat Trail Camp loop (roundtrip 10.5 miles; elevation 1500/1500) but when we registered at the Memorial Park entrance we found out the Shaw Flat trail camp was closed/full. Just before we dropped our heads in despair, the ranger told us that the Tarwater creek trail camp was open, a trail camp that was not in the guidebook, so that was a nice surprise. The hike was also not in the book so we had to go by the free map the ranger gave us, which was actually very good 'cause it was to scale & well marked. Anyhow, so we ended up parking at the Hoffman Flat trailhead and hiking about 5 miles along Pomponio trail to Tarwater trail camp. We started our hike at 4:45pm. While the hike was not terribly strenuous, it was dotted with horse poop, which was not the most thrilling thing to come across on a hike.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm still in the process of uploading pics for my post on our latest backpacking trip (and by "in the process" I mean I've been feeling lazy & haven't gotten around to it), but in the meantime, I'm going to write about mail.

So I just ordered some memory for my laptop and the store gave me the option of free shipping or store pick up, since I live close enough (within 10 miles). Is it sad that I was almost willing to wait another week for memory just so I could get something in the mail? 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Butano State Park

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I've been meaning to post this entry after we got back from our trip, but I've only now been able to get some time to myself. We went on our first back packing trip last weekend and it was perfect. The 99% DEET helped. I've camped maybe 3 times in my life so this was definitely a whole new experience, combining hiking and camping. We just did a 5.5 mile hike in and 5.5 mile hike out, though there was 2100ft elevation gain/loss so lots of fun uphill/steep downhill sections, which makes for a great way to train those off-season snowboarding muscles. I'd recommend backpacking to anyone who wants to become closer with someone, be it a close friend, relative, or significant other. You get time to really talk, with no distractions, which I think is a problem with communication these days: too many other things going on. Also, as I.S. put it, "it helps you to appreciate the simple things like eating," which I couldn't agree more with.

From Butano State Park

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We've been stocking up on a lot of gear this year. From biking to snowboarding to climbing and now camping. I'm looking forward to not spending so much money on gear next year after we finish stocking up! But in the mean time, I'm looking forward to breaking out our new camping gear. =) We have been testing & reading & comparing a variety of gear and brands and prices over the past month and we have come up with the following as our camping basic necessities:

Tent: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx AL 2 Tent (Steep & Cheap $86.99+ Shipping = $96.33) (Compare: $160)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fitness Summary

I've lost track of the fitness I've done lately, but this weekend I got back into biking. We went for a 25km ride on Saturday & went climbing at the gym on Sunday. I did another 25km this morning. It was a lot more challenging 'cause 1) I kept hitting red lights and 2) I didn't realize it until I had to go over hills, but my legs/butt are still sore from the weekend. Climbing was weak on Sunday. Tried an 11b. Made it up, but fell 3-4 times. booo. Some days the nerves just decide to come back and ruin my streak of good climbing.