Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Virgin America

I flew Virgin America from LA to SF a couple weeks ago and it was exactly as L. had described it:

"Flying on Virgin America is like flying in an iPod."
I must say I was pretty disappointed though. WiFi was about $8 for the flight or a bit more for 24hrs. I though it was free (a foolish thought in this day and age, I know). No snacks, no juice, just water (though I could be wrong 'cause while they only offered water, I never asked if they had free juice/soft drinks). Their safety video was cute though. I enjoyed the animation. But as long as I catch their sales, I'd say Southwest is still better. You get juice/soft drinks/coffee/tea/water, a pack of peanuts/pretzels (often two packs, actually), and they don't charge for checked bags! Virgin wanted $25/checked bag, which is standard now on most airlines, but I was under the impression Virgin was as hip as Southwest and thus offered the same perks as Southwest, but they clearly do not.