Friday, August 06, 2010


Life has gotten a little busy lately. In breaking free from the confines of laziness and joblessness, I have taken on two volunteer positions, signed up to help with a co-worker's campaign for a local city council, exploring the possibility of entering the import/export business, and learning to read more Chinese in that process. In all that, I'm still trying to nail down the plan for October 2nd with the 老公 and as soon as that's done, the postcard invites need to go out & the rsvp site needs to be launched. phew. So. much. to. do. Especially considering plans have somewhat changed and thus the card & site design need to change. Well, the site not so much I suppose. Plus C. is visiting next week. Anyway.

In other news, the 老公 & I are going to Tuolumne to camp & climb this weekend. I'm excited because the most outdoor climbing I've done has been in Castle Rock and that's nothing compared to the climbing in the Yosemite area. But speaking of Castle Rock, the 老公, his boss, & I went bouldering there last weekend and I fell on a strange b5.8 route. I felt like everything was solid, until my left foot decided to pop off the rock & I fell. Crash pad saved me, but my right leg hit a rock on the way down and now I have a wicked bruise on my calf.

Also, I've discovered that Eminem is awesome. Late 90's/early 2000 rap music is generally awesome. It's at least kick-ass music to listen to while climbing at the gym. I now climb a solid 10c while 10d's & 11a's generally get red-pointed after a couple tries.

Oh, another thing I've taken up is hair cutting. hah! The 老公 was getting tired of hearing me complain about his bad hair cuts at the barber's and I said it looks simple enough with a proper hair trimmer so he got this one here and here is the before & after:

What do we think? It took me 1.5 hrs and it was a rough process, but considering the limited number of times I've seen his hair get cut (two times, I believe) and this being my first hair cutting job, I think I did alright. The trimmer was good, though I have no comparison. It came with everything you need. It was on sale from $62 down to $33, so it was good value. The mirror could've been bigger, but not a deal-breaker. No more ridiculously short hair cuts! Yay! But now if he looks stupid, it's on me. Yikes.