Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We have returned from the T dot! This entry is absurdly late (as are the thank-you cards, which we're working on! Slowly...), but I felt that it needed to be posted because I want to reflect on this whole being-married-for-a-year business.

Something I've noticed that people love asking when they find out we're married is how marriage has changed us. The most ironic part of that question is that I feel like it's other peoples' perception of us that changes the most. But I guess if I had to name something that has changed, it's that we talk about more serious things like what to invest our money in and when we will be able to comfortably afford a house and where we should put roots down. We are definitely doing a lot of growing up together.

Would I have done anything different? Of course. I wish we could've planned for a bigger, more inclusive celebration that lasted a whole weekend but we couldn't. Over the past year, family and friend dynamics have changed, at least that's what I feel, and it was a challenge in the planning process to consider that. It kind of put a cloud over everything for me and I tried being as positive as I could about it, but it just was not what I had envisioned. And with most things that don't match up with expectations, there comes a feeling of regret and remorse.

But looking forward, I think one thing I've learned from the whole experience is that yes, some people may let me down in the whole process, but I know that when I find myself in a real bind, my true friends come through for me and I.S. will pull something out of his sleeve to surprise me with, like when he chose to have a sense of style ;)

Here's proof (of him having a sense of style):