Thursday, December 02, 2010


Tuesdays aren't usually anything special, but mine was this week. In addition to finding out my design was an editor's pick on minted over the Thanksgiving weekend, I discovered I was also voted as the Best Newbie! I am ridiculously excited!

And then... at our weekly ultimate game, I caught two winning points! It sounds much more amazing when you find out that this was only the second official ultimate game I've ever played. Sadly though, I was so ecstatic with joy after my first point that I was jumping up and down and landed on my ankle in an unpleasant way and now the top of my foot near my ankle hurts when I walk :S In Chinese we call that 樂极生悲(le ji sheng bei), which means "extreme happiness begets sorrow".

But the 悲 aside, Tuesday left me elated =)

Wednesday, however, was not so successful. Note to all the people doing mail merge in Microsoft Word: make sure you are in .doc mode and NOT .docx mode!!!!!