Monday, December 27, 2010

X-mas 2010

The 老公's (mini) X-mas present:

A replacement battery for his dead cell phone so that he can retrieve his old contacts (his charger doesn't work and the original battery is dead).

I had wanted to make an elaborate wrapping for it just 'cause I love wrapping gifts, but I didn't want to make him feel bad for not getting my anything since we agreed to defer our gift-exchange to a later date (the battery was less than $5 so it was more of a gift of "trying-to-make-his-life-a-little-easier") and I also ran out of time so I just re-used a small chocolate box I had kept around and wrapped it in kraft paper and put a bow on top.

On another note, I recently picked up some new studs from the Banana Republic outlet. I felt like I needed to reward myself for bracing the mall in the last week before Christmas (never again!). They came out to $7 with the in-store promotion, which was quite exciting.

Why I love them: they're small and modest, but they still carry a bit of sparkle with the dimpled silver finish.