Monday, January 10, 2011

Dumplings & won tons

I turned my kitchen table in a little won ton/dumpling factory over the last few days and managed to produce a whopping 101 won tons and 92 dumplings. Would've had 100 dumplings had I remembered which wrappers to get the boy to buy me, but I think 92 will suffice.

Along with 2 packets of medium won ton wrappers, 1 packet of potsticker wrappers, and 1 packet of 餃 sue gao wrapper, below is a list of the ingredients I used. I used cilantro in the won tons but didn't list here because the boy thinks its best paired with the won tons on the side rather than incorporated into the filling, which I would agree with. 
I first made the won ton filling and wrapped them and then used whatever was leftover for the dumplings. I minced everything that could be minced and eye-balled the sesame oil and soy sauce, so those numbers could be off, but ultimately you just want to add enough sesame oil to get everything moist but still sticky and enough soy sauce to lightly color everything. I'll post a pic of the mass of won tons and dumplings later this week.