Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We recently ordered some batteries from Amazon because they are half the price of what our local stores charge, but when things the size of a USB flash drive arrive in boxes like the one below, I wonder if we made the right decision, in terms of environmental impact (vs. buying at our local Target).

My recommended solutions:
1) Amazon adopt the use of envelopes to mail small and, overall, flat items such as these.
2) Amazon partner with UPS and have UPS be a drop-off center for used & flattened Amazon boxes to re-use for future shipments.

Logistically, it would probably add more load to their operations, but think of the environmental benefits of re-using boxes instead of buying new boxes that may or may not have been made with recycled materials (probably the latter). I left packaging feedback on Amazon with the above suggestions, so let's see what happens...