Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK weekend

MLK Day isn't a holiday most people get off, but the 老公 was lucky he had the day off. In the spirit of the long-weekend, we had a bbq on Sunday before heading out to his hockey game and man, was it delicious.
 On the menu:

Kalbi (Korean-styled short ribs)
gamja joram (Korean potato side-dish)
baby spinach salad with mandarin slices, almond slices, and raspberry vinaigrette
Freshly-baked focaccia bread with rosemary and parmesan cheese

Yum. I sadly forgot to take a photo, so there is no proof that we made any of it except for the memories of the bread and rosemary aromas filling the house and the delicious bbq smoke wafting into the house. I  wish I had looked up the short rib recipe at least a day earlier because an extra day of marinading would've made them taste even more heavenly. Oh well. At least now I know an over-night marinade-process isn't an absolute requirement to make tasty short ribs! With the potato dish, though, I definitely did not sauté them for long enough 'cause they turned out mushy on the outside and a bit crunchy on the inside vs. my expectation of them being soft throughout. With the bread, it tasted much better after letting it cool and sitting for 30-45 minutes. I was hoping to recreate the Acme bread herb slab, which has an airier feel and definitely more rosemary, so I have many more bread-making attempts ahead of me.