Thursday, February 03, 2011


Not mine. The 老公's =)

As usual, I was at a loss as to what to get him for his birthday, a milestone-of-a-birthday at that. But as usual, to keep in theme with his low-key personality, I just put together a little box of "favorites", as in his favorite snacks. I was in such a rush to put this gift together with everything else that I've been working on that at first I wasn't sure I'd have time to wrap it at all, so I thought of illustrating his gifts and present him with a small card along with the illustrated cards, as inspired by Brynn at paper tastebuds (though MUCH less awesome considering all I did was raid trader joe's), but then I ended up putting it all in a box anyway since I had more time than I thought. Thus, the cards ended up being redundant, but I still gave them to him anyway in case he ever feels inspired to start a scrapbook. haha. Right. Anyway, I digress.

Over the last year I've been obsessed with everything kraft paper so this year I decided to just go with black on crisp white. I ended up putting everything together late last night while he was busy with a work thing.

Here's the front of the card I drew (I digitized everything in illustrator):

And the series of illustrated gifts:
I usually draw a "draft" version of something I'm hand-drawing and giving away, but I was in such a rush that I just free-handed everything on the first go, so I'm quite impressed with myself. Drawing on paper is still so much nicer... I think I may need to buy myself a scanner so that I can properly upload my illustrations (as opposed to taking a photo of them etc). The tablet still feels foreign after a pretty solid month of use. Sigh.