Sunday, March 13, 2011


Why I've been MIA lately:
1) Gave the EcoCloud ning site a facelift (still going through changes, but for now it will do)
2) Created a generic business card for EcoCloud to be handed out at various events.
3) Created a newsletter & poster panel display about EcoCloud.

In other news, I got a new purse! I may have splurged in the process, but I think it's well worth it because I see it lasting me forever (just like a certain pair of jeans I have that developed holes in the butt that I patched up but wore right through in months =p). It's the Ashley Sabrina Leather satchel in walnut, by Coach. I'm a big fan of the cursive logo, which apparently is found only in their outlets? But don't quote me on that.
You can also detach the long strap and clip the sides down and just use the short handles, but I like wearing it over the shoulder. I also like that I got it for $153+tax, vs. the $400+ MSRP that was on the original tag.

Over the past year, I've been finding myself throwing my wallet, keys, phone, water bottle, and glasses in the Chico bags I have with me for grocery shopping, which is practical, but definitely makes me feel like a hobo. Plus, I can now fit my sketching notebook in my bag. Though now that I'm getting serious about design, I am looking for a proper sketchbook to go in my purse 'cause right now I'm just using one of the many free spiral notebooks I picked up as free swag from various networking events. And maybe some nicer pens, at least after I am done with the guest book pen I accidentally stole from H. & M.'s wedding (oops), which I quite enjoy.

On another note, I added Young the Giant to my music collection last night (an aside: for the month of March you can get their album for $5 on amazon!). I am quite enjoying their album, as well as the music I'm getting from making them my Pandora station. I've been hungry for some new music for a while and this is definitely satiating my appetite.