Thursday, April 28, 2011

Road trip

We are in Moab, UT now! When we first crossed into Utah we thought we'd hit up Zion Natinal Park but it would've added an extra 60+ miles to our trip so we re-routed our trip to Arches National Park instead. I.S. found out that there is some bouldering near the road (which means less time spent on the hike in, or, as climbers call it, the approach. We are planning on spending another night van-camping, boulder & site see a bit tomorrow, & then head to the Vail area to pamper ourselves at a nice hotel before finishing our drive.

It's wierd to think that we technically are homeless, living out of our van, but the ride has been fun and unless I stop to think about it, I forget that we are homeless =p

On an unrelated note: I wrote this on a Xoom and it's not  so bad to type on. I can basically type like I normally do and typing one-handed while holding the tablet in the other hand isn't difficult either.

Anyway, we should probably get out of this McD before we soak in too much of this grease-tastic smell. Loving the free wifi we've been able to get here though! No time to update our photos from our time in Utah but be sure to check out the first batch I managed to upload earlier! Click here to link to the album.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 days!

We depart Wednesday morning! Even though all our stuff is in the garage and out of our bedroom, I still don't believe this is actually happening. It's kind of surreal. Or maybe I've just already moved past the whole moving thing and am ready to take on house hunting. Definitely ready for house hunting =)

We took the van for a quick car wash today and now it's nice & sparkly. We also put in the mattress pad & fitted sheet and hung the curtain. Most of the under-bed storage is except for two bins of clothing. I.S. said today that the last 5% of the stuff that needs packing usually takes 50% of the time it takes for all of the packing, which is so true. So many little things that need to find a temporary home from here to CO. Sigh. 

Tomorrow we pick up the trailer, help D. move in, load up the trailer with our stuff and then chill! Well, at least in theory we will chill but chances are we'll be busy cancelling insurance that needs cancelling, setting up our internet in CO, writing emails to people, looking up our stopping points on our route, and doing one last load of laundry! And hopefully finding the time to take photos of our shiny van and posting them up here =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had our ultimate tournament yesterday and guess what?? We won! ALL of our games too! There were 6 teams and we were scheduled to play 3 of those 6 teams and when we won all of them, we were lined up for a 4th game against the other team that won all their games, so we were fighting for 1st place and man, was it a long fight. I sat out most of the last game because my knees and ankles were destroyed by the crappy field but it was such an intense game to even watch! We were up 8-2 at one point and then the other team caught up to us at 10-10 and then the last point (we were capped at 11 points) we almost lost to a defender who ran in front of the catcher but luckily his timing was off and our guy got to it before him. YAY! Here's a photo of the team after our epic win:

Yay Oscars! (our team names were Sesame-Street-themed)

Only fish for me

When I was working on the whole package of design files for "Only Fish for Me" after winning editor's pick & best newbie, I had created an RSVP card that I scrapped in the end because it was complicating the overall concept but I thought I'd share it here anyway.
I spent a stupid amount of time on this and yet, as you may notice, it could still use a lot of refinement! Oh well. C'est la vie when it comes to design work I guess!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Record-playing wedding invitation

If you thought you've seen all the types of wedding invitations there are to see, you haven't seen this one:

Yes, that is a record player made of paper. Yes, that is a wedding invitation. Yes, that is an original song produced by the couple. Yes, that is insane.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last year when I got into snowboarding, I.S. got me a great Oakley jacket at a killer deal of $36 but ultimately, my heart was still set on getting a European branded ski jacket like Norrona or Eider because I was really drawn to their cut and style (and yeah, maybe I'm a bit of a brand-whore =p). I.S. & I have been watching Steep & Cheap for a good deal to come around on one of those branded jackets since they are the only US carrier of those brands and our patience has paid off! He scored me the Norrona Svalbard dri 3 jacket for $127 (66% off regular price!), which was just delivered today.
It's just a shell, so I will need to get some layers to go underneath, but I don't mind shopping for more layers, as I'll need to start dressing in layers for Fort Collins weather. This shell will be great for the rain and wind, though now it means I.S. & I will be jacket twins because he has the Norrona Falketind Gore-tex Pro Shell in the same red color =p

But yay for Steep & Cheap discounts & yay for the jacket fitting me! This is probably the only thing that could get me excited for some crappy weather.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hand sewing

Some people might think I'm a little intense with my time-consuming projects that could be accomplished in 1/100th of the time with a machine (eg: chopping stuff for dumplings, sewing cushion covers & curtains), but I would say that a) I find the slow work to be therapeutic in a way and b) I've been holding off on buying bulky stuff before our move so you all better watch it when I finally get a food processor & sewing machine!

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there before I share with you my latest creations. For our 4 day drive, we are taking our van, which I.S. has outfitted with a bed, which we plan to sleep on for one or two nights of our trip. The bed was built about a foot off the ground to give us storage space underneath and he made the head of the bed fold up and back to give us a bench and space at the front where the side door opens. I don't have any good photos of the finished result, so I will need to do a follow up post later on so that you guys can see I.S.'s creation.

When I saw the finished bench, I got inspired to make bench cushions for it. I originally thought I'd make one long one, but decided to split it into two so that we could move them around, stack them, etc. I picked up some 2" foam from a local fabric store and went to IKEA for my fabric.

I chose the pattern shown above because it was mostly dark, so it won't get dirty as fast, and I loved the leaf/bird motif. I also figured this pattern wouldn't be too frilly for I.S.'s tastes. I got 2 yards of it and managed to get 2 cushion covers and a curtain out of it. The curtain will go behind the driver/passenger seats to give us some privacy when we sleep in it and 1 yard of fabric was just large enough to span the width of the van.

I hand sewed all of it since I lack a sewing machine and it actually didn't take me as long as I'd thought. It took me about 2 days of solid work to sew 4 sides on my cushions and hem 3 sides of my curtain, which I thought would take me all week. All that's left to do is sew on a strip of velcro for the cushions, hem the flap that folds over to close the cushion, and hem the top of the curtain with space for the rope that we'll use to hang the curtain. I anticipate it'll take me one day of solid work to do all that.
You might notice my hemming was a little wonky and that I was very generous with the stitch length, but let's remember I did it by hand! For the cushions, I cut the fabric so that it was two times longer than the cushion so that I could just fold it in half and sandwich the cushion, saving me time on having to hem 4 sides. It also saved me quite a bit of fabric in that I didn't cut it into 6 pieces for each side, as many cushion cover instructions I found said to do. You'll see in 2 photos up that I sewed the side to fall in the middle of the cushion and then just folded the corners in. I sewed the corner on the inside out to give it a bit of structure. Getting the corners perfectly square was a bit difficult because the hems on each side weren't perfectly parallel, but oh well. It's good enough =) For the curtain, it's just a long rectangular piece of fabric that required hemming so that was relatively straight-forward. I just had to be sure I ironed it straight. I was pretty nervous sewing the cushions because I was worried it wouldn't turn out straight and that the seams on the side wouldn't be centered on the cushion, but I'm quite pleased that all my measuring and pencil marks on the back side helped ensure everything went smoothly!

I'm still not sure how I'll finish the 2" edges on each end of the cushion cover because the velcro will only help seal that long edge and not the ends and thus potentially exposing the foam, but I think once I get the velcro, I'll know what to do (though I am open to any suggestions as to how I can finish the ends to ensure my foam doesn't get exposed!).

Monday, April 11, 2011


I.S. & I, as many of you know, are preparing for our move out to the Rockies. We plan on taking 4 days for the drive and have decided to pick up a satellite radio for the trip to spare ourselves from commercials & having to look for a new channel after leaving one FM range for another. What I really wish is that Pandora could become satellite radio because I'm really enjoying the music they're feeding me, but alas... I will be spending the next couple weeks exploring SiriusXM. We've decided that we'll pick up the Sirius Sportster 5 Dock & Play radio receiver (a rare occasion for Radio Shack to be significantly cheaper than Amazon, btw) and sign up for a month of listening and see how that goes. Even if the music isn't as great as Pandora, at least there will be comedy stations to listen to, which Pandora doesn't have. I'll let you know what I think of it all after 4 days of straight listening at the end of the month!
Days left: 16

Thank you!

AHhhhh!! Where do I even begin to say thank you to everyone who 1) gave me my first surprise party 2) brought so much delicious food and most importantly 3) made the last two years here so much fun. I can't wait to get the pics & videos from J. to share! Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!! xoxo

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sheer Freesia

Years ago at a bath & body works outlet, I was informed that my favorite scent in the world was being discontinued, which led me to buy copious amounts of it in the form of sprays & lotions. And then today I decided to browse their online shop in case they brought it back and sure enough:

I'm incredibly annoyed and happy all at the same time. I will probably indulge in the creamy body wash at some point now that I know it's back. One of these days I'm just going to grow a freesia plant and make my entire house freesia scented.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Busy (part 2!)

Here it is! The final logo. You will notice the graph from concept #2 and the font from concept 5 were used. I chose to pair the Cambria Math serif font with Calibri based on the advice in the typography book I recently bought. I think it turned out well, eh?

Now that this is off my plate, I can get back to my work for E. on his game, Tacticolor, which is set to release this summer!
I think we've decided on the logo above, but I feel like there's something missing from giving it that real wow factor. I need to mull over that some more. In the mean time, I will be putting together the box art so that it can look snazzy up against the other indie games out there. And then on top of all that, I.S. & I are 3 weeks out to our big move to the Rockies! Packing has begun and man, does it make me want to just throw everything out and start over! Why do we have so much stuff!? Oi. But it's good that we started already because I think our packing won't be rushed and messy like all the other moves I've done in my life.

Hope everyone's been having a good week so far!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Busy bee

I guess this is my second logo design so far? It's been a learning process as usual! And a challenge for me to get into this whole working groove again. I find that I am very easily distracted working at home, which has been getting me dreaming of a fabulous studio in our future house. But anyway, I digress. (<-- see what I mean??) Below are 5 concept designs I developed for my client. Can you guess what the final design choice was? Here's a clue: it's a combination of elements from 2 of the 5. I'll post it after I get the files shipped out, which I hope will be done by early next week!

In other news: I just got myself a subscription to DWELL magazine care of Groupon because a house is the next design project I want to take on and I like how DWELL's style inspires me. My one big dream for our future house: a giant patio door, like this one:
(photo by Noah Webb, from DWELL)

Anyhow, hope you all have a lovely weekend and find time to enjoy the gorgeous weather!