Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 days!

We depart Wednesday morning! Even though all our stuff is in the garage and out of our bedroom, I still don't believe this is actually happening. It's kind of surreal. Or maybe I've just already moved past the whole moving thing and am ready to take on house hunting. Definitely ready for house hunting =)

We took the van for a quick car wash today and now it's nice & sparkly. We also put in the mattress pad & fitted sheet and hung the curtain. Most of the under-bed storage is except for two bins of clothing. I.S. said today that the last 5% of the stuff that needs packing usually takes 50% of the time it takes for all of the packing, which is so true. So many little things that need to find a temporary home from here to CO. Sigh. 

Tomorrow we pick up the trailer, help D. move in, load up the trailer with our stuff and then chill! Well, at least in theory we will chill but chances are we'll be busy cancelling insurance that needs cancelling, setting up our internet in CO, writing emails to people, looking up our stopping points on our route, and doing one last load of laundry! And hopefully finding the time to take photos of our shiny van and posting them up here =)