Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Busy (part 2!)

Here it is! The final logo. You will notice the graph from concept #2 and the font from concept 5 were used. I chose to pair the Cambria Math serif font with Calibri based on the advice in the typography book I recently bought. I think it turned out well, eh?

Now that this is off my plate, I can get back to my work for E. on his game, Tacticolor, which is set to release this summer!
I think we've decided on the logo above, but I feel like there's something missing from giving it that real wow factor. I need to mull over that some more. In the mean time, I will be putting together the box art so that it can look snazzy up against the other indie games out there. And then on top of all that, I.S. & I are 3 weeks out to our big move to the Rockies! Packing has begun and man, does it make me want to just throw everything out and start over! Why do we have so much stuff!? Oi. But it's good that we started already because I think our packing won't be rushed and messy like all the other moves I've done in my life.

Hope everyone's been having a good week so far!