Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had our ultimate tournament yesterday and guess what?? We won! ALL of our games too! There were 6 teams and we were scheduled to play 3 of those 6 teams and when we won all of them, we were lined up for a 4th game against the other team that won all their games, so we were fighting for 1st place and man, was it a long fight. I sat out most of the last game because my knees and ankles were destroyed by the crappy field but it was such an intense game to even watch! We were up 8-2 at one point and then the other team caught up to us at 10-10 and then the last point (we were capped at 11 points) we almost lost to a defender who ran in front of the catcher but luckily his timing was off and our guy got to it before him. YAY! Here's a photo of the team after our epic win:

Yay Oscars! (our team names were Sesame-Street-themed)