Saturday, May 28, 2011

Minted holiday contest

I've been swamped lately working on a custom wedding invitation suite and I was going to avoid the Minted holiday contest to avoid additional stress, but in the end I couldn't resist sending something in. Check them out and please vote when that opens up in a couple weeks! There's a button to your right. Be sure to check out the other fabulous designs that are out there too! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love... (#17)

Remember when I posted about my sad, sad replacement bobby pins that I found in Taiwan? Well I finally found the real deal! One little merchant on Amazon had them. But they only sold it in 6 packs of 60 (for only $15!) soooo... yeah, I think I'm set for life =D

Friday, May 20, 2011


I've been meaning to frame this little milestone for a while now and today I finally made it to Target to shop for a frame. Sadly, I couldn't get any of their matted 5x7 frames because *drum roll* they're not actually 5x7! If I put this in one of their matted frames for 5x7 photos, it would've just barely cut off the text/images on each side and just barely cleared at the top and bottom. So very sad. And strange. And false advertising! But I think this clear frame worked out for the best since I was concerned the card would've just blended into the matting of other frames and look dull. I'm debating if I want to frame the grey/yellow one too. I wouldn't hesitate if there was a 3rd color scheme to make it a trio but framing two seems awkward. Anyway, it's finally up and hanging above the monitor to remind me of how this all started and of all that I should be thankful for =) Though I do wish the date & names could be changed to me & I.S.'s names & wedding date. Oh well. Somewhere in an alternate universe is a Heather and Michael who will be getting married at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on October 23rd, 2013.


Last Sunday, I.S. & I planned on doing a few climbs at Greyrock, with high hopes that the sun would clear up the sky and bring warmer weather by the time we got to the base of our climb. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so it turned into a ~6 mile hike with all our gear up and down the hill. The temperature kept dropping bit by bit as we ascended and for most of the second half of the way up, we were seeing layers of ice covering the tree branchess, which made us uneasy about climbing a rock that was probably coated in the ice too. But the ice did make for some nice photos.

Click below to see & read more about our weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Milk delivery

One thing we are really enjoying about our move to a smaller town is the strong presence of locally-owned businesses. Two weekends ago we fell in love with the goodies coming from the Diamond D Dairy farm when we got a sample of their yogurt drinks, which come in the following flavors: vanilla, mango, peach, and blueberry. We bought the last quart of their mango yogurt drink and hoped to refill last weekend, but unfortunately our weekend plans forced us to miss the market, which led us to looking them up online to see where else we could get our hands on their products. Sidenote: how cute is the name of their drink? And that cute cow on the label? =)

Lucky for us, they are less than 30 miles away and they deliver, with free shipping after a mere $8 minimum order! We decided to try out their delivery service and were pleasantly surprised with our shipment today, which arrived on our doorstep in a cooler =)

Theoretically we're supposed to leave the cooler and the ice pack in it on our doorstep, but we'll probably just bring it in when we don't expect a delivery since it takes up a lot of space on our landing area (unless they come by to pick up the cooler later in the week? I'm clearly new to this home-delivery thing). We got a free half-gallon of milk for being a first-time customer, which was a really nice deal. We also picked up some of their flavored butters so I feel like I should try making bread to go with it (though baking at high altitude is intimidating to me; I have an aversion to failure).

In other news, I've been MIA lately working on a wedding invitation suite but I sent off samples for review today so hopefully I get feedback soon, clean up the files, and then head to the printer within the next couple weeks and then I can share my creations with you! I'm really pleased with the pace of this project. I didn't think I could do it, but here I am, 2.5 days ahead of schedule =) In the interim, I'm hoping to update this space a bit and share some photos from our weekend hike up to Greyrock. 

Monday, May 09, 2011


It's been a while since my body has really been worked. Since we began packing up our stuff, there was little time to get to the gym and get outdoors. But this is the first weekend we've had where we didn't have to deal with packing/unpacking so we found some time to get out, especially with the weather being so good to us!

We hit up Horsetooth Reservoir for some bouldering on Sunday morning and then went for a bike ride around the west side of town. I.S. biked up to the reservoir but I just took it easy on the roads in town and made it an 11mile ride. I.S. may or may not have sent his body into shock with exhaustion from his ride at such a high elevation under the blistering sun... But all-in-all, a good weekend =)

Here's a photo of I.S. climbing at Meditation rock last year (photos I forgot to share with anyone!)

And here's us at the top of another boulder:

It's so weird seeing him with a beard, now that he's clean-shaven!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fish taco

My latest food obsession has been fish tacos. I wasn't intending to commemorate Cinco de Mayo with fish tacos, but my food obsession led me to make fish tacos last night.
Fish could've used more seasoning, but overall a decent meal considering it was my first try at fish tacos!

In other news, it's another gorgeous sunny day here =)