Monday, May 09, 2011


It's been a while since my body has really been worked. Since we began packing up our stuff, there was little time to get to the gym and get outdoors. But this is the first weekend we've had where we didn't have to deal with packing/unpacking so we found some time to get out, especially with the weather being so good to us!

We hit up Horsetooth Reservoir for some bouldering on Sunday morning and then went for a bike ride around the west side of town. I.S. biked up to the reservoir but I just took it easy on the roads in town and made it an 11mile ride. I.S. may or may not have sent his body into shock with exhaustion from his ride at such a high elevation under the blistering sun... But all-in-all, a good weekend =)

Here's a photo of I.S. climbing at Meditation rock last year (photos I forgot to share with anyone!)

And here's us at the top of another boulder:

It's so weird seeing him with a beard, now that he's clean-shaven!