Friday, May 20, 2011


Last Sunday, I.S. & I planned on doing a few climbs at Greyrock, with high hopes that the sun would clear up the sky and bring warmer weather by the time we got to the base of our climb. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so it turned into a ~6 mile hike with all our gear up and down the hill. The temperature kept dropping bit by bit as we ascended and for most of the second half of the way up, we were seeing layers of ice covering the tree branchess, which made us uneasy about climbing a rock that was probably coated in the ice too. But the ice did make for some nice photos.

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And yes, that is I.S. & I in (nearly) identical jackets. We did not plan that out, it just sort of happened with what sizes/colors came up on Steep & Cheap and the fact that I was obsessed about getting a Norrona shell. But whatever... we might look like a dorky matching couple, but it's a high quality shell, dangit! Anyway, I digress... I.S. is eating ice he broke off the needles of the tree, by the way. And that white haze you see in the top right of us in the photos is heavy heavy fog. If the camera were pointed more to the right, it would be a completely white photo. It was so heavy that when we hiked up to the summit, we couldn't figure out if we actually made it or not because you couldn't see anything beyond maybe 20, 30 feet around you.  (Disclaimer: I'm really bad at estimating distance so that estimate of visibility is probably way off. I'm so bad at estimating, that when I volunteered for a psychology test gauging peoples' perceptions of distances, I was an outlier in the trend they were seeing in others.)

This weekend is calling for rain tonight/tomorrow and sunny on Sunday so not sure what we'll end up doing, but it's a safe bet that we'll hit up the gym for some climbing to test out our new GriGri 2 (in blue)! 

It's lighter, supposedly works more smoothly, and takes smaller diameter ropes than the original GriGri, which is a big plus when doing outdoor climbing where you'd want a smaller-diameter rope to cut down on the weight you have to carry. I'm excited to try it out.