Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Remember when I wrote about just having found a local dairy farm, Diamond D. Dairy, that makes the most amazing yogurt drinks that delivers to our doorstep? I.S. just informed me that they are going out of business. Today is a sad day. As sad as this day that I sat waiting in a car being rained on.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm not sure why, but I'm really in love with this blog I've recently discovered: Dear Photograph. There's something magical about being in a place in the present and looking into the past.

(from Dear Photograph, via A Cup of Jo, @mrspoultry)

Monday, June 06, 2011


My genius (former) roomie Eric Woroshow recently released his latest game to the Xbox Live Indie community, called Tacticolor. He had the art-work down but he asked me to help him design a logo and the box art (the artwork you see when you're shopping in the online martketplace). It's so weird to see your work out there like that, but very exciting too! I'm sure Eric can relate. Tacticolor is "a fast-paced real-time strategy game about conquering the world. Play against the computer or your friends in this epic battle of tactics and tension." (think Risk, but no turn-by-turn plays) I highly recommend it (along with his other game Fishing Girl: SO cute!) I think the box art looks much nicer with the XBOX LIVE logo banner at the top, don't you think? Makes it look more legit. Unfortunately, that is as big of an image I could find with the banner. Click below to see more previews of the game!

Win a trip to Paris!

One of my favorite bloggers, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, is offering a trip to Paris, which includes airfare for two & 7 night stay at MAMA Shelter in Paris, as well as a two day guided tour of the city with her. She is a party planner extraordinaire and I love the birthday surprises she puts together for her friends and family. I've been following her blog long enough to know that the places she has to share in Paris are going to be unique and not your typical tourist sites! Or at least offering a different way of enjoying the typical tourist sites because let's face it: places like the Eiffel tower is a must-see! You can enter to win the trip in 4 different ways. Follow this link for the details.

(photo by moi, 3 years ago)