Monday, July 25, 2011

The weekend.

Ian & I decided to head out of town for the weekend and indulge in a bit of hiking & climbing so we hit up the Rockies & Lumpy Ridge. The weather was great in the park since there was still snow in a lot of parts and the many lakes, rivers, streams flowing through the park took a lot of the heat away. On Sunday at Lumpy Ridge it was pretty warm but we climbed on the west-facing wall at the Bookend and avoided the sun for most of our climbing. When the sun finally hit our side of the rock there was a lovely breeze to cool us down so it was quite perfect =) 

A couple more photos after the jump!

I had hoped to go backpacking this weekend but I didn't exactly do the best job at planning, plus mosquitoes are out in full force so that kind of made me paranoid and so we ended up just camping out in the van. It's just so convenient & comfortable to van-camp. Also turns out backpacking permits are $20 so it's not really worth it since we would've only gone for one night. All in all, a tiring but fun weekend =)